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15-Sep-2020 04:12

Acknowledge that the pain is still there, then mutually work on doing things designed to rebuild trust.If the issue was an affair, agree not to go near the neighborhood where the third party lives.

Not even close; instead, it signals the other partner to stop listening.En español | One of the surest predictors of a breakup, says psychologist John Gottman, is when a couple comes to feel that certain problems have attached themselves to the relationship like crusty, stubborn barnacles.After turning this truism over in my mind for some time, I decided to collaborate with psychologist Lana Staheli to see if we couldn't find some everyday solutions to relationship stalemates.You probably care too much about the issue to risk having your take on it sound angry, defensive or disorganized.

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When the conversation itself occurs, front-load it with your most important message and keep the exchange brief.A better idea: Put off discussing the problem and sleep on it instead.