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20-Nov-2019 06:03

They’re not “adult” words to be off limits until some arbitrary age or until poor old dad here can cope.

Educating Charlie about menstruation or discussing sexual behaviour as Charlie is getting ready for a date (hopefully) is all in my future, dodging, squirming, and wincing aren’t reactions that are going to help Charlie feel comfortable in her own skin or confident about who she is.

Dads don’t wince over things they’re proud of or happy about in their kids and Charlie already understands this.

When I’m proud of her and happy for her, I grin like an idiot.

As much as I’d like to keep my precious baby wrapped safely in my arms I know it’s like trying to hold back the tide and one day she’ll be a young woman.

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The only problem with this is if no one can ever date my daughter without fearing me, she is:1) Going to rebel anyway,2) Will learn I can’t be trusted and won’t talk to me, and3) Miss the opportunity to develop those skills in her teens while she’s still young and has me nearby to help give advice.Studies have repeatedly linked absentee dads to poor relationship outcomes for daughters (something mothers need to consider if they choose not to foster and support a father’s relationship if separated), including high rates of unplanned pregnancy and divorce.There is a direct relationship between a dad’s behaviour and his daughter’s sexual and social development.It’s up to me as Charlie’s dad, to make sure Charlie is confident and in control.

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To make responsible informed decisions about her own body, to love herself just as she is.

Daughters that grow up with fathers who disappointed them are more likely to interpret the intentions of other men as sexual when they grow up, new research suggests.