Speed dating for animal lovers

11-Oct-2020 12:46

” If I heard any of the following bulleted answers below, my decision to continue chatting became an automatic "No thank you" • I’m allergic to cats and dogs. This fundraiser will benefit HSHV's Hardship Fund, which pays for critical veterinary services for low-income pet owners in our community that need assistance.

Call me an animal snob, most people do anyway, but I know that anyone who will be in my life for any length of time will need to love pets as much as I do. If you’re looking for love from a pet, please come to the Humane Society of Huron Valley and adopt, but if you’re looking for human love, we might be able to help in that category as well!

“I love cats and dogs, and the event is happening at Cat Café Studio. And so, when he was asked to spend Valentine’s Day with a bunch of cats, he took it up. If you are a pet lover, that is the first thing that will help to get along,” he said. If you look around your building, you will find so many dogs and cats looking for food and shelter.

The event will see 30 Romedy Now fans (15 girls and 15 boys), with a common love for animals. #Furrentines Date succeeds Furrentine’s Day, which was launched last year with the concept of redefining love and encouraging people to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently. So, it will be nice to see people adopting cats,” he said.

” Comedian Sapan Verma hosted Romedy Now’s #Furrentines Date, a ‘speed dating’ initiative created for animal lovers on Valentine’s Day.

” The event saw 30 Romedy Now fans (15 girls and 15 boys) with a common love for animals.

Success depends on honesty, active participation and courtesy.

By joining us, your chance of finding a soulmate who will match your values and expectations will improve immeasurably.

No more personal ads, getting set up by friends, or sketchy Tinder dates.

Registration is , and includes appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks.

All proceeds from the event go to the Hardship Fund. Singles are paired up to begin their first "date." Following seven minutes of conversation, a bell is rung, and the men move on to meet their next date.

Sapan to host ‘speed dating’ event for animal lovers Mumbai, Feb 14 (IANS) Comedian Sapan Verma will host Romedy Now’s #Furrentines Date, a ‘speed dating’ initiative created for animal lovers on Valentine’s Day, here later on Wednesday. As a pet lover, you should be able to take care of your pet also.

#Furrentines Date is a property that will see furry ones play cupid by bringing together animal lovers to celebrate their love for pets and abandoned strays and help them find love in the process. If you are not able to take care of them, then don’t adopt them,” said the comedian, who will soon perform in Jaipur.Do as thousands of people just like you have done before and complete this simple form.