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He made appearances in the television stand-up show, Lee Mac’s Gas. Not only can Noel Fielding act, sing, write series, and make people laugh; he is also an artist.

His works have been showcased at the Museum of Liverpool and Saatchi Gallery. The multi-talented entertainer is yet to tie the knot. His Wife, Daughters, Net Worth, Height, Bio It is pretty easy to tell that this comedian is successful at what he does.

While he was buying Nutella I called Ray and Dianne (his parents) to come to the flat. " Noel wanted to know, Ray wanted me feel relaxed and Dianne was crying tears of joy! Three weeks later Noel took her to the set of luxury everyone fell in love with Heaven........

It was a good kind of shocked "since when are you pregnant?! a really long hour later, Noel is introducing Heaven Minerva Fielding-Holmes to his followers and he captioned the picture "Presenting Heaven Minerva born May 11th 2011 same day as Salvador Dali xx".

He battled hepatitis while in college, but was helped out by a friend.

The Mighty Boosh star has been in comedy since as far back as the late 1990s, engaging in stand-up comedy.

The flamboyant dresser performed a dance of her song, May 21, 1973, witnessed the birth of this talented English entertainer.

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Did you know that Noel Fielding prides himself as a Kate Bush fan? 7 months later my water broke and Noel was freaking out "where is your stuff?! " I said as we rushed to the hospital and I was having Noel's baby!