Opensim standalone map updating

01-May-2020 02:03

The minimap is generated purely by the viewer, and is decorated with an image of the terrain, the positions of other avatars on that region, objects colour coded by whether you own them, etc.The main map is generated purely by Open Simulator.Then change the database backend and then reload the OARs in each region separately.The disadvantage of this is that it's a little laborious if you have many regions.Viewers 2 and 3 would instead fetch ordinary JPEG images from an address given to them during login.In Open Simulator, this address is set using in the [Login Service] section of (when in grid mode) or Standalone (which in standalone mode).

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An alternative method is to change to each region (change-region) before backing up their contents to a separate Open Simulator Region Archive (OAR) for each region.Requests are handled by the Map Get Service Connector which listens on the public services port (typically 8002 on grid, 9000 on standalone). At zoom levels higher than 1, the image displays multiple map blocks with the block named in the filename being in the SW corner (e.g. The files served are ordinary JPEGs rather than JPEG2000, as used by the asset texture system.As with viewer 1, simulators are responsible for generating the maptiles.For the rest of this document we will talk about the main map, though more information can be inserted in the future about the minimap.

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Linden Lab viewer 1 and associated TPVs, and Linden Lab viewer 2 and 3 and associated TPVs have different ways of receiving map data.The world map is activated by default for viewer 1 and associated TPVs with the following settings in Open Sim and which can be overridden in your own Open

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