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10.1K:mop: My wife and I used to eat at Vivere on occassion. The food is pretty darn good, and the price is very reasonable. The excuse was that our kid was too small to be exposed to firework smoke.Too bad the rooms got so expensive in the past few years.Nearly 270 degrees of glass viewable from the bar area, overlooking the city, with a high ceiling and a split level dining area. this new one is on the newly opened annex to the hotel.Not as high up as Vivere, and it's not open air, but the view is better because there are no guardrails, columns and swimming pools to obstruct the view through the windows. - Another romantic place to eat in Alabang is Sophia's in Westgate. - If you want an interesting place to go, Nuvali (in Santa Rosa, beside Paseo de Santa Rosa, at the foot of Tagaytay) is nice.Intramuros offers a good destination for those keen to learn more about the history, architecture and culture of Manila.How to go — Take the LRT1 to Central terminal station. Villegas until you get to Natividad Almeda-Lopez (2 blocks).Said to be the world’s oldest Chinatown, Binondo in Old Manila is a haven for foodies looking for an authentic experience beyond fast food malls and restaurants in the metro. Ideal for food-tripping, shopping for Chinese delicacies and products, sightseeing, walking tours and food tours. Authentic hole-in-the wall eateries, stalls and bakeries selling Chinese and Filipino delicacies.

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i guess it depends on what you guys like to do or if you have the same interest..

The country has spectacular beaches, islands, mountains and offbeat natural sights in the provinces and the countryside.