Ltr dating definition

30-Sep-2019 13:30

LTR to me is a relationship i have with a woman that lasts at least 1 year. One can be polyamorous and seek out long term, committed relationships.

It means that I want to share my life with her and enjoy each other's company. For me, personally, such would imply that I want to build and share a life with my partner, to one day marry him and continue that journey.

I think the definition that was given means LTR means Long Term Recreation in this case. Commitment and monogamy are separate variables from relationship length.

How do you see those two definitions and what is your definition and how do you take the term LTR? (A short-term relationship might be monogamous, and a long-term one might not be.)A long term relationship is a long term relationship. Everyone has their own view of what constitutes as a relationship and what kind.

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LTR just means people are committed, but their level of commitment varies. He stated that this was considered by him to be an LTR. A long term relationship for me means at least a year or so.How do you see those two definitions and what is your definition and how do you take the term LTR?LTR= at least 1 year, and potentially someone I could consider marriage but not quite at the stage. I do know it means Long Term Relationship, but what is your definition of a Long Term Relationship?77030904-paint Synthetic Enamel Interior White Under Coating Matt Finish To Is: 133/93 Brushing Quality.

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Normal people in every day conversations would say "I've been with my BF for three years" as the insertion of LTR into the statement is superfluous. As I stated in my post above, it is often used in this particular forum.

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