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10-Feb-2020 19:34

Both apps satisfy the desire for social sharing, but facilitate it happening in a more selective and–dare I say–private way.If young people do ultimately prefer Glimpse over Snapchat and other ephemeral messaging apps, whether because of encryption or camera roll features, the end result will be for messages that users intend to stay private do truly stay that way.And then companies crept up with business models around the storage of that data.”According to Shevinsky, Glimpse’s fastest adoption rate has come from sororities and fraternities on college campuses.Raine Dalton, creative strategy director for Glimpse, crafted a targeted outreach program specifically for Greek life organizations.“If the data isn’t there, then we can’t give it to third parties unintentionally against our will or upon request.”But according to Shevinsky, her motivation for not keeping logs is not solely to do the right thing.To her mind, it also makes business sense.“An added side benefit of not keeping logs is that we save money on data storage expenses.Shevinsky adds that “they like that Glimpse is encrypted but they aren’t choosing it for that feature.”The stereotype of teens and millennials is that they are chronic over-sharers whose sense of privacy has been warped–if not eradicated–by the proliferation of social media. She believes, like danah boyd, who has written on the topic for , that millennials are actively creating a new sense of privacy.“Young people are very savvy in creating new ways to connect in an ecosystem that often restricts their abilities to relate in more normal ways,” says Shevinsky.“American teens and millennials are connecting more online because young people have fewer places and ways to connect with each other in the public sphere.”However, in Shevinsky’s view, the act of connecting online does not mean that teens completely lack a filter.“Teens and millennials seek privacy from their parents, their schools, future employers, and from the social drama that is a natural side effect of public sharing,” she says.

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Even though we can’t monetize user data, I just don’t see it as a financial compromise. I believe that we will have more market share and monetize our feature set better by being a company that people can trust for privacy.Shevinsky stresses that our contemporary obsession with “big data” was not how the Internet was originally conceived.Due to technical limitations, ephemerality was a given in the Internet’s nascent stages.“In the early days of the Internet persistence was rare.“The first is digital rights, which means we’ll stand behind free speech and we believe that people have a right to communicate privately.

We think that’s very important to democracy.”“Our second mission is women in tech and in some ways that’s less known.” Shevinsky was recently profiled in a article on women in technology, which told the story of her split and eventual reconciliation with her business partner Pax Dickinson due to his tweeting in defense of an app called Tit Stare, which is about as awful as it sounds.

It is much closer to the ideal of ephemerality than other apps that advertise the same.

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