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This provides just one possible clue about how Meritamun died, but Pilbrow and her co-workers are continuing to dig into other factors that may have cost the young woman her life.If you’re unable to peel yourself off of the sofa when the crime show “Bones” appears on FOX, you may be one of many individuals fascinated by forensic anthropology (or forensic archaeology, which this show also features).“It is quite fascinating that we did all of this without destroying the specimen in any way, and that is important from a museum The true origins of the mummified head are still unknown, though.Scientists think it belonged in the collections of Frederic Wood Jones, a professor who conducted archeological work in Egypt before joining as the head of anatomy at the University of Melbourne in 1930.The researchers are calling the specimen Meritamun.They say she was probably not more than 25 years old at the time of her death and was important enough to be mummified.

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The Board also does note that to be a practicing forensic anthropologist a master’s or doctoral degree is typically needed.

It is extremely porous,” Pilbrow told Live Science.