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The possible reason may be due to constant recalculation of the New Year date (from September to January).

Therefore, Jerusalem was destroyed both in 68 as well as in 70. As you can see, the four possible dates when the Great Library was burnt can reach up to eleven variants.

Just the same bodies were left after the Tungus Meteorite struck.

This is a picture of meteorite bombardment of Ensisheim in 1492.

In 344, the year after a vow to the third consulate of Gaius Marcius Rufus and the second consulate of Titus Manlius Torkwatus, the Temple of Moneth was sanctified.

Right after the temple's sanctification a miracle happened, which was similar to that of an ancient miracle on the Albanian Mountain.

But glassy bodies are abundantly scattered in the south of China.

The most amazing thing is it was renewed as a lighthouse only once – in 880, and that attempt was unsuccessful.

In all but name, the Alexandrian Pharos has just “resurrected” – the whole 8 times.

It means there were much less variously dated disasters in fact.

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Chronicle dating may vary from 2 to 3 years which is a usual practice.

As you can see, both swirling smoke trace and fire arrows, hitting the ground, create an illusion of a genuine "army of angels".