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18-Sep-2019 23:53

Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential candidate, mainly due to Biden’s foreign policy background. We pray for each of the singles who write to us, and we hope you do too.

Barak Obama and Joe Biden as running mates in the 2008 Presidential Election! The following very sad heartbreak quote came in today.

Several single Christians have written us wondering where they can locate a “single Christian’s prayer” on praying for a Christian soulmate.

I know that many single Christians are tired of waiting on God for that dating match, however, when heartbroken, angry or frustrated over remaining single and alone, these are the times single Christians need to seek the face of God the most.

In the middle of all these emotions, it is very important to remember Romans . What are your thoughts now about Biden for President? This is a little ironic, to say the least, when survey after survey reveals a majority of married and single Christians of all different ages (guys…

All things work together for good for those that love the lord. That’s right, our sources tell us Barak Obama has chosen Sen. Our Christian singles blog attracts quite a few very sad heartbreak quotes and other love quotes from singles looking for advice here.

Do you have difficulty accepting singleness as a Christian single?

This thought about single gals got me thinking about Mary, the blessed mother of Jesus, our Saviour. She too was a single gal, a pregnant teenager with some heavy needs of her own. snapchat Are you a Christian single member of social media network such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter?

Why Singles Suffer Discouragement and Depression The following are some top reasons singles give for having discouragement and depression in their dating lives: Some battle discouragement and depression because they have just… Need long distance dating relationship advice for a Christian dating couple?

Long distance relationships have always been with us.

Sexual impurity ranges from a lust-full thought to actual acts of perverted behavior.

In today’s modern world, every where you look, there’s sex and very rarely is it between two married people.

Undoing depression that often accompanies discouragement is a difficult thing to do. (Genesis ) He makes his intentions very clear that the form this will take is as man and wife.

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