Dating scene in dallas

19-Nov-2019 17:00

For that reason, many people are constantly moving from company to company here.

Sadly I have to state that Employers in Texas seem to be exceptionally dirty and cutthroat which is why the majority of blacks work for the Government in some capacity.

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I relocated to Dallas from another state that was hit hard by the great recession.

As I've always enjoyed reading blogs from my fellow black women bloggers out there I have decided to finally write one of my own about living in the City of Dallas, TX. As a single woman, I had no other source of financial help. So in a nutshell here are my likes and dislikes, as well as my suggestions and warnings to my fellow black sistas looking to call this city home. So you have a much better chance of finding employment here and anywhere in the State of Texas.

This is just an opinionated entry about my likes and dislikes as well as suggestions to black women, especially the single sistas, looking to call the City of Dallas home. As a woman with no kids, I was also not inclined to stay where I was. Side note: Texas leads the country for the creation of jobs.

Every house, though large and grand, looked almost completely the same. The upper class communities of Dallas, (even my own middle class community as well) lacked "Soul". When brothers get money like that and are surrounded by white people they start to date them); black women may find it harder to do the same. Unlike Harlem, Chicago, Atlanta, and to some extent Houston, TX...

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Every shrub and tree placed almost identical to that of the house beside it. I suggest you google and read the D Magazine Article "Why Young Black Professionals Are Wary of Dallas". There is no black community (as in "Where my People At" in Dallas.

As I stated there is not much socializing even amongst blacks, but far less amongst whites/hispanics and blacks. The only doctors who are available are the ones who work in the pop up, for profit, medical centers around town and I couldn't even think of going to those without insurance. Yet when we were hired, they were simultaneously hiring white guys for the same positions who at times did not even have high school diplomas. And being one of the few white males in an environment of blacks he got away with it.

What's the sense of bathing only to dry yourself with a filthy towel and put on the same greasy clothes? … continue reading »

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