Dating men love the chase

12-Oct-2019 04:03

Trust me, you want to learn the tricks and tips on how men bond with a woman, because they are seriously going to help you in the long run.I’m sure you’ve seen or maybe even been part of a friendship between a man and a woman, and they just have this deep and strong connection that you’ve never seen before.Don’t just go for coffee, because everybody does that. This might seem like it is overdone, but in reality it isn’t done ENOUGH.This will be a beautiful experience that you will be able to enjoy together, and in the future she will always remember that moment.Bonds are really just shared experiences, remember? Avoid the glam and the clichés, just be entirely raw and real with her. It’s so easy to connect and bond with somebody who is just genuinely lighthearted and fun. Don’t force it if you aren’t a traditionally funny guy, but everybody has their own sense of humor. Even if you don’t think you are particularly funny, just be lighthearted. [Read: How to be really funny and make people love your company] #10 Be a calming person. If you are a calm person, it will be easy to talk with you.[Read: 25 ways to draw anyone in and make them like you] #5 Talk about her goals. Women are so overwhelmed by fakeness in this world, from both men and women, and you know what? If it is easy to talk with you, then she will be more willing to open up and share her life with you.Marie Claire: Chasing men is more than a behavioral pattern – it's a mindset.Why do so many smart, successful women pursue men they know don't want the same things?

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Ask them questions, but be willing to answer them as well. Likely, once you start talking, you will realize that you have experienced much of the same things in your lives.

Aside from friendships, knowing how men bond with a woman is important in forming romantic relationships.

Sure, you can have a relationship with another human being without forming this tight-knit bond, but I assure you, relationships with strong bonds always last longer and are incredibly more successful.

It is the coolest thing to me, to see a man and a woman just vibe, and not in a romantic way at all—just a platonic way. Some men bond with women so well, and it is incredible.

[Read: Obvious gender differences in communication] How men bond with a woman: tips tricks In my experience, I have had many men in my life that don’t even consider the fact that they could be forming a stronger bond with me. It is crucial that you understand how to bond with a woman, before even attempting to start a relationship with them–platonic or romantic. Showing any sort of interest in them is the huge plus for you, because women often interact with people in general that just don’t care.Why do women with so much to offer torture themselves with men who will not give back?

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