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10-Oct-2019 06:10

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“Of course, the most tantalizing topic between men and women is sex.So she once asked me, ‘Do you want to try it with a foreign girl? It was her first time to sleep with a Chinese man.”This is the third installment of my English translation of a Chinese-language article on featuring interviews with four Chinese men who dated foreign women. Once we became more familiar with one another we would talk about almost anything.Today’s interview is with an ad professional in Shanghai who gets personal about his relationship with his white American girlfriend, including a few blushworthy details. We were at the same university in the US – she was studying ancient Chinese, and I was studying old English. Of course, the most tantalizing topic between men and women is sex. My girlfriend thinks that in Chinese or Asian culture, relations between men and women are either guided by patriarchy or strict management by wives, different from the gender equality and mutual respect that her culture values. The more she says this, the more I want to shatter her stereotypes about Chinese men.If you missed the first two installments, have a look at “She Liked Having Threesomes”: Chinese Men Open up About Dating Foreign Women on and “The Moment Our Eyes Met, I Froze”: Chinese Men Open up About Dating Foreign Women on So she once asked me, “Do you want to try it with a foreign girl? Even though we have a good relationship and I’ve already changed some of her attitudes toward Chinese men, she will still inadvertently reveal that she doesn’t like Chinese men very much.We were always shouting slogans about how we shouldn’t make Chinese people lose face.

Even though she really loves you, that doesn’t mean she will do anything for you. Below is Part 1: From Tianya: I just came back from abroad, and I keep hearing my Chinese male compatriots in China say our Chinese girls are relatively materialistic, practical [vs. But frankly speaking, I have no serious objections to this, because I think actually all women throughout the world are materialistic. American women are the same, European women are the same, they all favor rich men, and it’s always easy for generous men to find girlfriends., but your sleeping [relations] should be of value, meaning, tactful, and fruitful, for example Ms. These are all women who have made achievements from sleeping with , unlike some female compatriots in China, who sleep around blindly, sleeping without meaning, sleeping while paying money for it, sleeping too eagerly, sleeping with nothing to show for it, ultimately tarnishing the image of Chinese girls, leaving in men and Chinese men, and everyone can improve where they are lacking and those who aren’t lacking can keep up the good work but I hope everyone can improve their ability when it comes to picking up girls.idealistic], and gold-digging, that its impossible for men without an apartment/house to get married, that one can’t find a girlfriend if they don’t spend money, that its easy to be dumped just for failing to give gifts to one’s girlfriend every holiday etc. Also, I hope girls will be more careful/conscientious and don’t give foreigners the impression that Chinese girls are stupid and brainless allowing them to sneer at us.1. With anything, practice makes perfect, and picking up girls is the same.Basically they are all girls who are capable of making money, from rich families, or at least are financially independent. An American guy married a Shanghai girl whose father owns a company; a French guy married a girl, and this girl owns three clothing stores herself; a German guy married a girl, and this girl’s father has a factory in Dongguan. No matter how many times you and him have gone out, he will not ask about your income, but he will secretly pay attention to the caliber of your clothes and other purchases, to discern if you have a relatively high income, or if your family is rich.

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who come to China, some are losers, which is to say they have no job, no house, not even a car, or even in debt in their own countries.

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