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Its good name has even found its way across the Alantic, and extorted praise from the lips of Royalty. The reading matter is most excel- lent : and we find the Philadelphia press isspeakingof this num- ber, in connection with the whole series, as entitled . If its wide-spread circulation among the most re- spectable cind talented circles of our country may be taken as the criterion of its worth — and we think it should — then is the Passion Flower based upon enduring grounds, for it is patronised by nearly all the magnates of the Union, and the list is constant- ly gaining valuable additions. Spindles, Hoisting Screws, Gudgeons and Wheels for Grist- Mills, Cranks, Stirrups, and Pitmans. Screws for pressing Paper, Hay, Oil, Tobacco, Cotton, &c.,of all sizes. " The Passion Flower' is printed on beautiful fine paper, in clear bold type, is fancifully bound in red morocco and gilt ; contains 96 pages, forming 1158 pages in the year, and may be said only to be excelled in its mechanical execution, by the chaste and splendid talents of its highly gifted Editress. All kinds of Mill- Work furnished by him as Agent, in all the above branches — will be stamped, warranted and sold at fair prices. EMBURY 6c YOUNG, City of New- York WOOD & TRIMBLE, do. To ensure you receive a genuine Apple battery during a battery replacement, we recommend visiting an Apple Authorized Service Provider.If you need a replacement adapter to charge your Apple device, we recommend getting an Apple power adapter.Also non-genuine replacement displays may have compromised visual quality and may fail to work correctly.Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts.Learn about the powerful accessibility features that come with your Apple devices, and where you can get help.

Morgan Lewis, Bishop On) derdonk, and others equally distinguished. Reid's delightful little publication, was is- sued several days ago, and continues to improve in appearance as well as in public favor. Dutch Bolting Cloths from the most approved manufactories in Holland, Esopus and Cologne Stones, also Mill Irons, wrought and cast of any pattern, furnished at the shortest notice.

WILLIAM TYACK, Agent, 240 Washington-street, corner of Robinson, New-York.

Capital renewed 350,000 dollars, in shares of fifty dollars.

So great, indeed, has their efficacy invariably and in- , fallibly proved that it has appeared scarcely less than miracu- lous to those who were unacquainted with the beautifully philo- sophical principles upon which they are compounded, and upon I which they consequently act. Advertisements - - j Banks - - - - 9 Insurance Companies - -- .- -- ,-.

It was to their manifest and sensi- ble action in purifying the springs and channels of life, and en- duing them with renewed tone and vigour, that, they were indebt- ed for their name, which was bestowed upon them at the spon- taneous request of several individuals whose lives they had obviously saved. AVilliam Tyack has been in the habit of going to France annu- ally, and selecting the blocks at the quarries with his own hand, personally ; it insures to the Burrs of his Manufacture, a decided preference over the blocks imported by merchants to order, who are not, nor can they be, accurate judges of the article, unless they manufacture them. having had considerable experience in Mills, is well aware of the great importance of having Burrs made in the most faithful and perfect, manner. LONGWORTH'S AMERICAN ALMANAC, NEW-YORK REGISTER, AND CITY DIRECTORY.

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