Books on dating and self esteem

25-Jan-2020 21:10

4) Be sure that your child knows that your love isn’t dependent upon his/her physical attractiveness.

Girls especially need to know that they’re competent and special for who they are, not how they look.

Healthy bodies can still be encouraged through an emphasis on healthy eating and a lifestyle that includes ways to be physically fit. This ensures that your child feels respected and provides him/her with the greatest chance of self-motivation and success.

Dating partners with lower self-esteem have a tendency to stay in abusive dating relationships.

If victims of dating violence have low self-esteem, it can cause them to stay in an abusive relationship.

This can lead to serious injuries, and sadly, sometimes death.

Now that may sound a little overdramatic, but when I first read those words in Dale Carnegie’s self-help classic, it got me thinking.

Why should I be afraid of going forward and bettering myself?

I was reading How to Win Friends & Influence People and feeling a little ashamed about it.

And although life here isn’t like it is in the dramas, we can assure you that the emotions are definitely real!… continue reading »

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