Bangkok teen sex date

05-Feb-2020 12:50

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Editor’s Note: This article was written by Coconuts Bangkok’s two female editors, based on anecdotal evidence, observation and hours of conversation with real, actual men.

She was the most understanding, exotic beauty you’d ever known.

One day, you came to visit and found yourself moving to Thailand permanently.

Congratulations, you’ve bedded your first freelancer. And you can make her coffee in the morning because yes, she has to go to the office too. The Backpacker Fling Maybe you met her on Tinder or on a drunken night that ended on Khao San. She watches the same TV shows as you, knows about foreign junk food and streams the same bands as you on Spotify.

We don’t know where you found her but don’t bring her out with your local or expat friends because the judging will be harsh and swift. It’s awesome until you realize that, if you wanted to date a girl from home, you could have just stayed there. The Thai “Good Girl” She works in an office and lives with way too many family members.

The Long-distance Girl She was the reason you moved to Thailand in the first place.

You won’t be brought home to meet Mommy and Daddy though. Because of this, she hasn’t gotten laid in a while and will put up with more bad behavior than she would in her home country. The Freelancer You met her at Levels and couldn’t believe how hot she was.You feel like a knight in shining armor when she tells you the money will be used to cure her family’s sick buffalo.