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11-Jun-2020 21:42

The whole, pretty terrifying error message that actually contains important clues is the following: Wait a minute – what does that mean?

How did I end up with a datetime2 being converted to… That’s a bit odd, right, and I did not ask for that?

NET so that you can start doing database programming in ASP. Here I will do the CRUD (CREATE, READ, UPDATE & DELETE) Operations on a teachers table in the SQL Server database.

You can download the complete source code and run them in your PC.

I had specified an Add Or Update -call, in which no value for a Date Time -typed property was set in the model.

Working with the global partner network, he's responsible for the success of Valo deployments happening all around the world.He's been a developer from 2004 (starting with PHP and Java), and he's been bending and twisting Share Point into different shapes since MOSS.Nowadays he's not only working on Share Point, but also on . It will not only bring a smile to my bad face but also motivate me to write more and more good articles to web developers.

And as always, follow me to get notified whenever I publish a new article on Medium.Open the class and add these supports inside the It tells that all the Views will have the Layout from the _Layout.cshtml file which is located inside the Shared folder. You can confirm the record is inserted in the Teacher’s table.