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Paine’s case for independence included, , the argument that the united colonies would be able to maintain their security in a hostile world – and also what proved to be enduring, and controversial, assertions about America’s place in that world. In April 1793, the United States was confronted with its most serious foreign policy crisis since the end of the American Revolution, when the Washington administration learned that the recently-constituted French Republic had declared war on England and the Dutch Republic.France, with which the United States had a political-military alliance dating from the Revolution, was locked in an apparent death struggle with a broad coalition, which included those two states along with Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, and a number of Italian and German principalities.The issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, for instance, can be understood in part as an attempt to persuade foreign governments to accept the Union’s diplomatic position and to stay out of the war.For our purposes, we can see Lincoln’s contribution to the foreign policy effort most clearly in the public exchange he had in January of 1863 with the workingmen of Manchester, England. Twain, to be sure, had a vested interest in offering such an endorsement. But truth can be stranger and more profitable than fiction.That limitation had not stopped dozens of other Civil War veterans from rushing to publish their views, most of which often offered little more than an elaborate score-settling with their critics and other veterans. In March 1889, a hurricane destroyed or disabled three American warships in the Samoan harbor of Apia, where they had been deployed to support the United States in a political dispute with Britain and Germany over the status of the islands.

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Abraham Lincoln knew very well what was at stake in diplomatic relations with other nations.For our purposes, his most notable achievement was the publication of a history of the Revolutions of 1848, which remains an important and balanced source of information for contemporary scholars. At first glance, such an aspect might seem counterintuitive.After all, a civil war is by its very nature a conflict.The Civil War was not without its foreign policy challenges but Lincoln's statecraft was naturally focused on bringing about a new birth of freedom at home. Stiles, Austria in 1848-49 (1852) When the European revolutions of 1848 spread to Austria and the Habsburg lands, William H.

A decade earlier, however, as a private citizen, Lincoln endorsed a set of propositions about the proper American attitude towards the efforts of other peoples to claim their own births, or rebirths, of freedom. Stiles, the American in Vienna, became both a participant and a chronicler of these watershed events.But even more famously associated with Polk is the Mexican-American War, and with it the acquisition of New Mexico and Upper California. “It is the President's opinion that steps should be taken at once to enable our enterprising merchants to supply the last link in that great chain which unites all nations of the world, by the early establishment of a line of steamers from California to China.” So begins a letter of instructions from Secretary of State Daniel Webster to Commodore John Aulick in June of 1851 on the subject of “opening” Japan to the outside world.

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