Is invalidating

22-Dec-2019 01:15

You'll also become aware of what you need from other people and will be able to let them know or in certain cases, you'll know you'll need to avoid certain people when you're needing validation.

By developing your own self-validation though means that you'll no longer search for it in others. It's the most freeing thing you can do for yourself.

If the words don't meet your needs, you can decide to not become entangled with the comments. A lot of parents invalidate their children's feelings without even realizing.For example, someone might hurt others or try to control them as a way to feel secure or feel worthy.You may find that with your knowledge of invalidation, you may suddenly have a new understanding of why others act and react the way they do.Certain conflict might be avoided or reduced simply by providing the validation that the other person needs.

If you believe the list above then you're dealing with invalidation.

For example, when you were a kid you might have told your parents you had a bad day at school.

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