Animated asian dating game

21-Jun-2020 03:04

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Eventually they conquer the heart of the chosen cartoon boy. Dating simulations have been popular in Japan for quite a while now, but Webkare marks the first time the concept has been brought online and combined with social networking functionality.Girls choose between one of four different male cartoon characters they want to hook up with upon registration.

Another obvious option is internationalization, but here the question is if such an idiosyncratic way of curing loneliness 2.0 could succeed in the US or Europe as well.But the social aspect is actually quite distinctive, as members need to befriend each other and collaborate.Link Think, the company behind Webkare, is strangely secretive about the game mechanics, however, making it hard to figure out how to advance in the game.”, “Do you always stay in the class room until dark? ” etc.), driving the love story forward step by step.

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Important conversations or events can be stored in the album section of the site as “memories”.

For example, it seems to be essential to “talk” to the boyfriends of other users and view their profiles and albums.