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To keep it simple, most of us characterize sweetness in still wines with 4 levels of sweetness.

This term implies extreme dryness with no residual sugar and is usually accompanied by the presence of astringency.

Most off dry wines are white wines, although on rare occasions you can find high quality Italian red wines that fall into the off dry category.

Red wines get astringency from tannin and/or their savory or bitter fruit flavors.

White wines get astringency from a quality that sommeliers and winemakers often refer to as phenolic bitterness, which is often described like the taste of grapefruit pith or quince fruit.

Just so you know, most super premium red wine producers rarely have more than 1/3 gram of sugar per glass.

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A quick method of comparison: a packet of Sugar in the Raw contains 5 grams of sugar and a 5 oz serving of Coca-Cola has 16 grams of sugar.Learn how to use wine tasting terms the right way to get the wine you want.

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To keep it simple, most of us characterize sweetness in still wines with 4 levels of sweetness.… continue reading »

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