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19-Sep-2020 14:11

Sometimes, someone comes along that is just right for the time.

Randi was good for just those times to keep progressive anger stoked and to maintain focus. Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz have made it to MSNBC, although they are still both doing radio. We have a Democrat in the White House who isn’t going to insult our intelligence, with a wife who is more popular in polls than he is.

Unfortunately, it may have been a few (some say as many as 14) consecutive shots of Ketel One Bloody Marys at an Irish pub downtown that contributed to Randi’s collapse, one rumor went. Randi said she could not remember what happened after she left the bar.

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Then, as I said before, perhaps her time has passed. ©Gabrielle Daniels, aka blksista, This Blksistas Page (This Black Sista's Page), 2009-2019.This too may have been an occasion when the liquor was doing the talking.It wasn’t that the women didn’t deserve criticism, because I was just as furious that it was the most race-baiting campaign in a long while.By the time I moved to Madison in 2005, I was a rabid fan, and glad that she was on the line-up of the Clear Channel Air America affiliate. Sometimes she made me wince over race, though I liked it when she called herself an honorary black woman after an interview with Maxine Waters during the Democratic Convention in 2004. She cut off some people who weren’t being a-number-one-right-wing-dicks, but were listeners that she couldn’t control. I liked her telling people not to rely on her findings, but to look them up and analyze for themselves.

But worse, I believe she let her liquor talk for her, illustrated in 2007 when she stumbled, fell and hit her head while walking her dog.However, after the with dog incident, Air America was looking for any pretext to get out of their contract and to fire her.