Who is prince harry dating 2016

07-Oct-2020 14:48

That is thought to refer to Rachel Johnson’s Mail on Sunday column, which called Meghan’s mum a “dreadlocked African-American lady from the wrong side of the tracks”. An all-round good bloke, with whom I’ve enjoyed a drink on many an ­occasion.

He’s Britain’s best-loved royal who has taken on with gusto the legacy of his mum Princess Diana’s ground-breaking charity work.

She is a famous actress, used to milking publicity for her own gains, who writes copiously on social media about her life­style and background.

Indeed with her Instagram posts last week — when Harry was holed up in her house — she seemed to be teasing the public who didn’t yet know. Given their respective ages, Meghan is now a contender to be a Royal Duchess or Princess. But I feel the headline-grabbing statement — issued at a time his father the Prince of Wales is on an important diplomatic Middle East Tour — is misguided.

They were then apart for two months while Harry was in Africa.

But Meghan flew to London in early September as they could not “bear to be apart”.

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I do think it is a mistake, though, to try and engage with the sharks on social media.They were introduced by mutual friend Markus Anderson at central London’s Soho House, where he is a director, in early June.Harry was immediately smitten and besieged the American with texts until she agreed to a date.She was star guest at his shooting party at Balmoral that month, where she met Prince Charles and other royals.

That was followed by a trip to a Cotswolds hotel last month.

They went on for so long, it became not why, but when.