Who is dating prince andrew

06-Oct-2020 13:21

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth, was a social gadfly whose flings and vacations certainly attracted criticism and negative coverage in her lifetime.

But, as columnist Craig Brown points out in his book she benefited from a different attitude among journalists and hangers-on, one that prioritized deference and discretion over the open airing of secrets.

Given the scandals and shady friendships that tend to be included when Andrew But even if the Epstein story isn’t the same focus in Britain as it is for the U. press, it should be capable of stealing focus, of emphasizing that while it’s fun to talk about Meghan and Harry’s vacation on Elton John’s dime or her love of avocado toast, it’s all meaningless compared to what Epstein—and, by association, Andrew—stand accused of.

Instead, this August has been like nearly every month since Meghan first became the subject of unusually intense tabloid scrutiny, stories about their expensive home renovation and yoga habits replaced by hand-wringing over the carbon footprint of their private-jet use (never mind that last week the Mail Online also covered another climate change story, about a London university aiming to reduce meat consumption in the school cafeteria, with the print headline “Now snowflakes ban beef burgers.”) Flying in a private jet in the era of climate change is a morally dubious choice; so is remaining friends with a pedophile.

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Andrew, meanwhile, has laid low since Epstein’s arrest and subsequent suicide.

In 1991, around the same time that Charles and Princess Diana separated, Andrew’s marriage to Sarah imploded, and the fallout—including the infamous “toe-sucking” scandal—brought the family some of the worst headlines they had ever seen.

The queen reportedly saw this “ as an existential threat to the monarchy, and the next year the family began paying taxes on their estates and reimbursing the government for some royal allowances as a way to minimize blowback.

The younger, more glamorous royals have been at the center of a media spectacle since their relationship first became public in 2016, and they’ve often embraced that spotlight in the name of supporting their favorite charities, or at the very least tolerated it.

In recent years Andrew has more often been a bit player in stories about his more interesting relatives, like his daughter Princess Eugenie or ex-wife (and still a close friend) Sarah Ferguson.It’s one of the biggest scandals the royal family has faced in several years, but for now, it can’t seem to gain traction.