White women resentment of east asian women dating white men Chat sex arabic free

07-Oct-2019 19:38

To them, it represents a threat to their status quo.That's why they do everything they can to sabotage AMWF couples.The negative reactions that I receive from these Asian women isn't as confrontational as the ones that I get from jealous, insecure White and Black guys.They're usually in the form of weird glances and other passive-aggressive negative reactions.

These Asian men who go around harassing people online should be rightfully condemned and held into account for their actions, but let's be real, the amount of hate that "some" White men and Asian women have against AMWF is NOWHERE NEAR that of certain Asian men who might hold some animosity towards WMAF from time to time!

They had to risk everything including their lives just to be with the woman that they love! As I (and many posters who replied to this post) have pointed out, many Asian women are just as capable of this anti-AMWF hatred that's ever present in many White men.

You have certain self-hating Asian women who go around with a chip on both shoulders literally hating everything that's Asian.

Fortunately for me, her attempts against me failed miserably and she was eventually suspended.

It's really, really sad that there's this kind of division and hostility within the Asian community over interracial relationships involving AMWF and WMAF.Also, I don't know where you got the idea that my feelings for Asian women have been poisoned.