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08-Sep-2020 02:13

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Dating apps can be wonderful for LGBT people in non-western countries, helping them to connect with the wider community.But the same apps can also be tremendously dangerous, particularly when authoritarian states and vicious criminals start logging on.In the three and a half years after, the average rose to 66 people. The methodology depends on the perpetrator, as well as what they want, although the outcome is always horrible.In some cases, devious networks prime their victims over the course of several weeks, asking for nude pictures and videos that they later use for blackmail in court or for extortion.These new technologies are being used for new crackdowns.In the decade before the dating apps, and before President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power in 2013, an average of 14 people a year were arrested in Egypt effectively for their sexuality. Hundreds of similar abuses have occurred in Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Uganda, Malaysia and Tunisia, among others.communities in non-western countries, where homosexuality is either still illegal or a social taboo; where life-threatening attacks, extortion or jail sentences are a clear and present danger for those who use apps that in the West were originally designed simply to create a safe virtual space for finding same-sex love.

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But this is a measure HER implements unilaterally, which highlights a broader problem: that there is no overall authority to oversee ethical decision-making and best practice for dating apps.Everyone who signs up to a dating app reveals a huge amount about themselves – easily-accessible, deeply-sensitive information that, in some parts of the world, makes LGBT people especially vulnerable to exploitation, blackmail and worse.