Validating saml

08-Aug-2020 15:27

In order to install this JCE extension, you need to copy the two files contained in the JCE downloaded archive to the Afterwards, try following the steps to configure SAML in Zoomdata again and this issue should no longer occur.User continues to encounter the "Error Validating SAML message" error after entering credentials through their ADFS login page.Want SAMLResponse Signed set to true means the SAML response must be signed.Want Assertion Signed set to true means the SAML assertion must be signed. There's a third flag called Want Assertion Or Response Signed which defaults to true.My assumption was that this was done by default, but that doesn't appear to be the case.The only Partner Identity Provider Configuration flag I see that is related is Want Saml Response Signed.

In this example, the error message indicates that ADFS is not sending the "Name ID" attribute.

This error is likely being thrown as a result of mistiming between the Zoomdata server and IDP server. SAMLUtil] Could not find any artifact resolution services in metadata. Web SSOProfile Impl] Could not decode artifact response message. Message Decoding Exception: Could not find any artifact resolution services in metadata.

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