Updating records in sql

27-Sep-2020 03:29

When you are inserting records from another table, each value being inserted must be compatible with the type of field that will be receiving the data.The following INSERT INTO statement inserts all the values in the Customer ID, Last Name, and First Name fields from the tbl Old Customers table into the corresponding fields in the tbl Customers table.A searched update statement depends on the table being updated, all of its conglomerates (units of storage such as heaps or indexes), all of its constraints, and any other table named in the WHERE clause or SET expressions.A CREATE or DROP INDEX statement or an ALTER TABLE statement for the target table of a prepared searched update statement invalidates the prepared searched update statement.

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After each exercise, we provide the solution so you can check your answer. Specifying DEFAULT for the update value sets the value of the column to the default defined for that table.