Types of dating relationships

11-Oct-2020 22:36

If you partner raises a hand at you or threatens you with abuses for any reason, don’t put up with it.The more you stay in a toxic relationship like that, the more you’d make your partner feel dominant over you. Are you in a relationship with someone who constantly takes their frustrations out on you or blames you for their mistakes?Does your lover sit down with you and constantly nag about their bad days or whine about their problems until you feel like crawling under the couch or running away from them?Partners who find happiness only while complaining about their life can turn you into a negative person too. A negative thinking partner is one of the worst of the lot. Some partners just can’t stay committed to one relationship, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel more stressed and tired rather than happy and glowing? And at other times, we have friends and even family who are toxic for our lives.You may unknowingly be trapped in a relationship that’s leaving you drained and angry. [Read: 10 types of toxic friends you need to avoid] What is a toxic relationship?When you’re in a relationship with someone and are forced to spend most of your day away from them, a little bit of insecurity is inevitable, especially if you’re meeting good looking members of the opposite sex all the time.But if your partner is extremely insecure and constantly needs tons of reassurance and proof of love from you, perhaps it’s time to have that talk.

And toxic people just drain the happiness out of our lives.Or do they like to know everything you’re doing, even if it means interrupting you aggressively to find out what you’re doing right that instant?If you’re in a relationship where your partner behaves like the approver where everything you do has to pass through their scrutiny, you’re definitely in the middle of a toxic romance.[Read: 15 subtle signs that reveal a controlling partner] #2 Jealous partners.

Is your partner overly jealous when it comes to you spending time with your friends?

You may think they’re acting childish, but your partner may genuinely think it’s your fault and may even get increasingly frustrated with you.

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