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The classic soundtrack (including hits like "Summer Nights" and "Greased Lightning") makes this a can't-miss.

“And my vibe is a little different this time around so I don’t know.

This film also marked the dawn of Bill Murray's second career and saved us all from a world without his movies. While not a teen comedy, Beauty is a telling period piece about life at the end of the '90s.

Through the perspective of Jane (Thora Birch), it empathetically captures the frequent unhappiness of parent and child relationships in high school and the desire to escape suburbia. Before Orange is the New Black, Natasha Lyonne starred as Megan Bloomfield, a blonde cheerleader who checks off the entire list of must-haves for teenage perfection.

Her parents are worried she might be a lesbian, however, and frantically send her off to a conversion therapy boot camp, where she falls in love with another "camper." With one of John Waters' muses, Mink Stole, playing the role of Megan's mother, it's a campy treat for any of us who tried talking to our folks about PFLAG.

If anything, Heathers tells the truth about high school: some mean girls are so horrible that you just want to kill them (even if you don't actually go through with it), and high school romance can bring out the absolute worst in people. Cher and Winona play a close mother-daughter duo with reversed roles; the teenager is responsible and pious while the mom is flighty and footloose. This horror-action-comedy-everything expresses the risks involved with being a bold teenage girl and set the stage for Sarah Michelle Gellar to swoop in. It would be a crime to ignore the movie's contributions to the teen film canon.

Yet while Dash herself might seem pretty out of touch with reality, her 1995 role as Dionne Davenport resonated with teenagers and elevated the film to cult-status.

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