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Alison Johnston Rue, CEO of Insta Edu, an online tutoring marketplace, "reached out to and had drinks with dozens and dozens of engineers" before she met Joey Shurtleff, who eventually became her technical co-founder.Dean Wright of Voytech Products, which makes Snack Spout, said he met his eventual co-founders when he overheard them "chatting in my local Starbucks ...about my [area of] expertise: consumer products."Granted, this presents a chicken-and-egg problem if you're a first-time founder, but if it's an option, it's worth considering.There's probably no better person to launch with than someone you've started a company with before.Innovation Factory (@itbeginswith IF) is running a new event called Cofounder Dating this month.

I met two intelligent web developers (Cornell CS graduates who were graduate school roommates), and not too long after, I met a kick-ass app developer (MIT graduate, genius i OS guy).Sometimes the business comes first, sometimes the romance.Two of the three co-founders of Skin Authority, Celeste and Ted Hilling are married now, but they first met years ago when he saved her from a guy who was hitting on her after she ran a marathon.I had to convince them that I had a cooler idea and that I was the best person to work with to execute the idea.

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I feel blessed to have talented, hard-working and cool guys as my co-founders.I sold them my idea and they became my co-founders. You may work on something together and win a hackathon together, but that doesn’t guarantee that you both will co-found a company together. One of my co-founders decided to work with me after one dinner meeting. All of my co-founders were looking for a new opportunity before I pitched my idea.