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30-Aug-2020 23:24

only helps you in the first section of the story when you’re still on your home island, where pulling up a help menu tells you what each area does to your stats.After that, it’s trial and error in the hope of stumbling into the right activity to grind before finals week.Aside from this, the story is largely told in second person, so when Sakura’s dialogue box pops up it always says “You” instead of her name, and narrates her actions in second person while simultaneously describing the actions of others in terms of stage directions .

The game offers multiple activities to help you earn coins, but these are all utterly unnecessary because most items are purchased for between ten and thirty coins, and the game starts you out with over ninety-nine hundred coins in your purse.

After all, what better way to start the new year than by lamenting the poor choices made at the end of the last year?