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30-Jul-2020 16:49

Nevertheless, no one would be surprised if he joined the list of high-profile figures, usually men, who have been labeled sex addicts or actively sought treatment as such, e.g.

David Duchovny, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Eliot Spitzer, Mark Foley and Ted Haggard, to name a few.

"Current attempts at diagnosis focus on the extent to which sexual compulsions interfere with a person's good judgment or are pursued despite obvious risks to health, job and family.

Anyone who has experienced such compulsions or has treated them knows what I mean -- the husband who spends untold hours cheating on his wife online or with hookers, spends money he doesn't have pursuing his sexual interests, engages in unsafe sex, etc. If my lifestyle easily allows me to spend five hours a day surfing Internet porn or cruising for hookers, I may experience little risk but a high level of compulsion.

But when it comes to sex addiction, physiological tolerance and withdrawal are usually not present, and if they are, they don't govern the addict's life in the same way that, say, opiates do.

Sex addicts get anxious when they can't get their "fix" -- they don't go into DTs.

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No one cares any more why a man spends so much time on the Internet or spends a ton of money seeking out dominatrices.When addiction is the problem, its whys and wherefores, its psychological origins and meanings, are superfluous.

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