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03-Feb-2020 16:46

For search engines that do not support this URL hash scheme, the hashed URLs of the SPA remain invisible.These "hash-bang" URIs have been considered problematic by a number of writers including Jeni Tennison at the W3C because they make pages inaccessible to those who do not have Java Script activated in their browser.

This approach avoids interruption of the user experience between successive pages, making the application behave more like a desktop application.

They also break HTTP referer headers as browsers are not allowed to send the fragment identifier in the Referer header.

Alternatively, applications may render the first page load on the server and subsequent page updates on the client.

This is traditionally difficult, because the rendering code might need to be written in a different language or framework on the server and in the client.

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Using logic-less templates, cross-compiling from one language to another, or using the same language on the server and the client may help to increase the amount of code that can be shared.

These applications benefit from advances available with HTML5.