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22-Sep-2020 16:36

Drug therapy (see Table: Skeletal Muscle Relaxants) alleviates muscle spasms by modifying the stretch reflex arc or by interfering with the excitation-coupling process in the muscle itself.Centrally acting muscle relaxants block interneuronal pathways in the spinal cord and in the midbrain reticular activating system.Treatment of toxicity should include rapid and aggressive decontamination, along with intensive supportive treatment.Management of affected dogs may require positive-pressure ventilation as a result of severe obtundation, respiratory depression, and respiratory arrest or hypoventilation.Treatment of overdose is supportive until the drug is cleared to nontoxic levels.

It may cause transient increases in cardiac rate and decreases in blood pressure.Muscle relaxant medications are chosen based upon their symptomatic need, side effect profile, and tolerability.