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26-Sep-2019 17:30

The classic Edinburgh rivalry is as strong as ever, so be prepared to listen to complaints of how rubbish the other team is and how wonderful their own players are.

Just remember never to schedule a date on Edinburgh Derby day and you’ll be fine.4.

Being late is always the bus’s fault No matter what the real reason is, whenever we’re late for a date we’ll always find a way to blame it on the buses.

It’s common courtesy to say cheers to the driver as you hop off at your stop, so to blend in well with the Edinburgh natives, just be polite.

We’ll know our neighbourhood like the back of our hand, so avoid the tourist hotspots in town and let us take you on a guided tour of the lesser-known parts of Edinburgh for a memorable date.8.

We’ll have a famous person Fringe story Everyone from Edinburgh has at least a couple of stories about meeting famous people at the Fringe.

No two dates will be the same You’ll never get bored dating someone from Edinburgh because there’s always lots to do.

No matter what your interests or budget are, there are plenty of unique date ideas which are a bit more exciting than your standard dinner and drinks.If you’re from anywhere north of Fife, you’ll be mocked for being from “the Highlands” and you better be ready to stick up for your Glasgow roots if you’re from the west.

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