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27-Feb-2020 22:52

Not for nothing, Huberman pulled out his notebook and wrote down a reminder to look into the 60.We closed with a request that Huberman take a look at the CTA’s existing Citizens Advisory Board to make sure that the people serving on it truly are daily CTA riders.When Aaron Carter was a teen, Bruce Willis gave him a million worth of gifts and a car.He also brought Zac Efron along with him in Turks and Caicos island.

Earlier this month, a poorly worded CTA press release announcing the elimination of almost nonexistent Blue Line ‘L’ service along the still-happily rolling Pink Line route ended up misreported on the front page of Latino newspapers as the end of all Cermak branch rail service, so to my mind the CTA still has a ways to go to bring La Villita back into the happy CTA family of riders.That kind of openness to the input and experience of riders, married with a deep knowledge of the CTA and a bravery about laying the agency’s assets and liabilities out for all to see and discuss shows the difference between the former and current CTA presidents.

Two decades later, Bill Cosby in his “Ask the Ethiopian” speech said African Americans should aim higher than menial jobs because menial jobs are for “Ethiopians,” i.e. But in accordance with Marcia Gillepsie’s criticism, make sure those shitty jobs aren’t jobs where the way we look will inspire racists to pat us on the back and deem us more respectable or better than other black people.… continue reading »

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