Reverse ultimatum dating

29-Aug-2020 17:53

Being the dumped one of course means that if given a choice, you would not leave that relationship, in short; when you are dumped, for the first few hours, days, weeks or even months you will generally ask yourself this famous question “How do I get my Ex-girlfriend or Ex Boyfriend Back?” Since this question is so common seeing that people are dumped every hour, when you search the answer on the internet; you will get all kinds of answers and methods; of course some are TOTALLY wrong and others are right. Love sponsors a global peer-to-peer support resource bridging people from many different cultures and over 200 countries to interact, share, and discuss interpersonal relationships with partners, children, parents, co-workers, friends, and neighbors.Register for free now or start viewing messages by selecting the forum that you want to visit below.Here it is, I think that when the ‘Dumper’ walks out, he/she had already conditioned their mind that the ‘Dumped One’ will retaliate and fight to fix things as this is the natural tendancy of humans we tend to try to fix things when we are not ready to let it go. That’s the interesting part, the Dumper is , in his/her mind it was not meant to happen like that, you were meant to fight and fix and they were meant to DEFEND.And since the ‘Dumper’ is the one doing the dumping, he/she knows you were not prepared for it; so subconsciously the ‘Dumper’ builds barriers to protect their decision from your retaliation, they have actually put the fact that you will fight to fix the relationship into their plan of action and they know what exactly to do or say to defend their decision. They had programmed their mind so well that this was the way it was to happen that when it did not happen like that, the DUMPER actually now switches to ‘fix’ mode because his/her mind tells her ‘something is not right, this is not how it was meant to go’ and without knowing what happened …they start acting opposite of your response in an attempt to … Hmmm my explanation is a bit shaky with loopholes…wouldn’t mind hearing your views and comments on this subject…Hey, Hmmm, well well well, decided to write something on how our minds and relationships connect.However this post will focus more on the issue of breakups.

Well, from what I understood, “It’s the act of behaving/acting/doing/saying the opposite of what you mean or want so as to make the other person act in the way you want them to, which is normally the opposite response to yours”. Rather than battling for your own side, simply state that you agree with the other person.

So with that explained, using reverse psychology to get your ex back does work if done correctly and in the right context (that is if the love/hate is still there…why do I say this?

Well because we all know that when indifference comes into the picture there is little if not nothing one can do to make the other person come back to you, they simply feel no emotion towards you).

Ultimatums are often defined as an uncompromising set of terms or demands given by someone, which can lead to the beginning of a new segment in a relationship, or the severing of one.

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Ultimatums are generally given by women to men, who have been in a monogamous dating relationship for quite a while, women who are cohabitating without the commitment of marriage, or women who are or have been involved in long-term engagements, and the general purpose of them in regard to relationships are to achieve the goal of marriage.I will try to make it unisex…so that men can also relate to it…

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