Quotes dating someone older

02-Jul-2020 14:00

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I really believe I’m just understanding things different.Better.” ― “A being who, as I grew older, lost imagination, emotion, a type of intelligence, a way of feeling things - all that which, while it made me sorry, did not horrify me.They did not know that lumpy, aged, and wrinkled bodies were as needy as their own young, firm ones, that love was not to be tossed away carelessly, as if it were a tart on a platter with others that got passed around again.No, if love was available, one chose it, or didn’t choose it.

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You missed our wild days and we're settled down now. "Older" doesn't necessarily mean we're going to stop watching cartoons or laughing at fart jokes. There are things I miss about being younger - chiefly the ability to pull all-nighters and keep working and working well; and being smiled at by girls I didn’t know who thought I was cute; and I wish I had the eyesight I had even five years ago… I’m happier than I’ve been at any time in my life these days.I have a wonderful wife whom I adore, watched three amazing kids grow into two delightful adults and my favourite teenager, an astonishing number of grand life experiences, I’ve made art I’m proud of, I have real, true, glorious friends, and I’ve been able to do real good for things I care about, like freedom of speech, like libraries.” ― “It’s not loving a man that makes life harder for gay guys, it’s homophobia.

It’s not the color of their skin that makes life harder for people of color; it’s racism.Don't try and get us to do acid again just because you want to see if we can recreate the time we went to Bonnaroo 10 years ago.