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16-Sep-2019 15:45

If you monitor the Date Bk5 user group on Yahoo, you will know that the data manager (Date Bk5 programmer calls it Data Mangler) patch has a number of bugs and cuases all sorts of issues.

I, as well as many T3 & T|C users, would gladly pay or so for an OS upgrade for our existing OS5 Palms.Offer a free OS 5.2.8 upgrade for existing T|C (and T|T2 would be nice too) users.This can at least bring the built-in PIM apps up to speed.The TMX Power Stream Mobile service is available to all TMX Power Stream users, offering a robust wireless stock market data application experience.

It is a powerful, user-friendly mobile solution that keeps you connected to critical financial information when you are on the go. Use the links on this page to download the latest version of Palm Handheld drivers.

They have MILLIONS of members and have been in business for many years, which all goes to show how genuine they are.… continue reading »

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