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29-Feb-2020 15:59

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That is a biblical structure Francis If you would know where we failed and denominations succeeded there would no longer be need for non-denominational church to exist.with all due respect we are only there because you failed Christ's standards.On the other hand, and here i agree with Paul, however we try to explain "how it works" you only seek quarrel as it appears.Please accept that different churches(even within the same denominations have different ways.It is his DOCTRINESHebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.Be not carried about with divers and strange DOCTRINESThe structure of non-denominational churches is that they endorse a variety of pastors from different denominations and some of non-denominations which has different doctrines Thus they cannot be the church which God speaks of PAUL you asked the question about scructure, I am just showing that in both administrative and doctrinal structure non-denominations are faulty.

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You have answered the question with your opinion and it is duly noted. And he also gives the idea to many people for confirmation. If you believe that people go to heaven the moment they die, how can you endorse one who believes that the are in the graves until resurrection?"Francis" ...non-denominational structe does not have the same doctrinecannot rightly ordain elders in every city Members have to "look for a church" in every city they go Does not have a chain of accountabilityhowever you have a good knowledge upon your own denomination, you don't seem to understand that a "non-denominal church-structure" can be more austere and severe as a denominal one.

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