Ned flanders dating video

08-Aug-2020 02:37

What is the name of that episode, and did anyone ever see that? Without getting too off topi, I think the episode should have focused on the death of Muade more than Ned trying to get a new girl. Homer was trying really keen to put Ned out to the women out there. Remember he did edit the tapes, and if that is true makes it more hilarious.

Heh heh yeah that was funny, I found the scene with Ned in the shower pretty strange, Yet somehow I still laughed at it because Homer must of been standing there videotaping him without him knowing which is pretty funny.

After agreeing to a date, he saw how heartbroken she was that her fake-date never came and decided to make it up to her.

When Skinner pushed Edna too far, Bart offered to go on a pity-date with her as a way of taking her mind off him Over time, Bart and Edna have since abandoned their personal gruges against each other and have become friendly enemies, only getting in each other's way over school-related affairs.

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We enjoy Webcam leading to Phone fun prior to any meet and will only meet after we have all done this.Edna and Seymour have been shown occasionally flirting over the course of the series.