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28-Apr-2020 15:01

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This is more evidence of how little the westerners understand the mind of the Muslims. William Sleeman was the British administrator in India who hunted the Thugs and ended their 500 year reign of terror.

When a group of them was arrested, during the interrogation, they showed no remorse, but expressed their pride for the murders that they had committed. They were devoutly religious people who considered murder a divinely punishable offence.

I encourage every woman dating a Muslim man or thinking about it to red Lessing’s book so you can be prepared and save yourself unnecessary heartbreak and much pain. He lied about his name, his age and marital status. After first believing in this predator’s lies, Lessing eventually began suspecting something about him is not right and after some detective work found out his real name and the fact that he is a cleric who works at Shi’a Association of the Bay Area (SABA) in San Jose, California and that he is actually married.

Not only he portrayed himself as a pious man in the search of God, but a virgin, waiting to give his virginity away to that special woman. Lessing wondered whether she should go to his mosque and expose him publicly.

She got involved and made friends with men and women who like her were drifting aimlessly without a purpose or a compass. She was greeted by a religious leader who offered to show her the mosque while touching and groping her in inappropriate places.

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Their goal is to conquer, to subdue, to kill and to destroy. And by her own account she is also blessed with creativity. One woman who committed suicide met Jesus who rebuked her sternly and told her life is not supposed to be easy. In other words she sees no objective bases for truth.If smart woman like Lessing can fall prey to the machinations of a Muslim charlatan like this animal, many girls are in great peril.

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