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16-Sep-2020 21:28

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My arms would twist around into a pretzel, and I’d stare into the cavity of my own artificial neck.

It was pretty groody, though frequent calibration fixed it.

Once I’d experienced my first fish explosion and got over how thirsty all of the Final Fantasy XV characters were being, Monster of the Deep just felt like a chore.

It doesn’t have a story, which would be fine if the mechanics were on point.

The premise is delightful and cheesy in a way that I can’t get over.

During each of your missions, you run into all the members of Eos’s version of One Direction — Prompto, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Noctis — and they ask you to help them out with fishing-related tasks.

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The whole endeavor lacks complexity, and if you’re there to see the characters, then there’s not much of that either.

The trees and grass swayed, but the clouds didn’t move at all.

I could see shadows of things popping in and out, flickering at the edges of my view. This isn’t exactly a graphics resolution issue, but I also experienced some moments of body horror as the game had trouble figuring out where I was.

The fishing and combat both feel tedious and repetitive.

You get one weapon upgrade about halfway through, but it operates the same way as your previous one.

You’re just pointing and shooting with no real strategy aside from memorizing one or two patterns of movement.

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