Microcode updating

18-Aug-2020 09:23

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How do I deploy them and keep my CPU updated at each boot under Windows 10? I followed your link and this tool selects the fastest core.There is nothing in the link that suggests anything about updating the microcode.The current Intel microcode ensures that the L1 cache of a core is flushed when a thread leaves the enclave.In this way, if A runs after E, it will not be able to read any secrets from L1. SCONE keeps the threads running inside of an enclave and in this way avoids the cost of flushing L1 on each system call.Note that the BIOS loads the microcode during boot.The operating system can load a newer version of the microcode, for example, in case there is no new microcode update available yet for your BIOS.Get the latest tutorials on Sys Admin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML feed or weekly email newsletter.

Warning: In some cases, microcode update may cause boot issues such as server getting hang or resets automatically at the time of boot.

Under Linux, CPU microcode updates were easy to deploy.

In July, Intel released microcode updates that includes my CPU. Sincerely and respectfully, Dave Thank you for the reply, I haven't tried it because I'm not interested in overclocking. Are you stating that this tool has the ability to update the microcode?

In this case, the OS has to load the new microcode on each new boot.

A microcode is nothing but CPU firmware provided by Intel or AMD.

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