Mickey rourke who is he dating

01-Mar-2020 22:37

I'd say 5'11" peak for Mickey, but more like 5'10.5" the last few years. said on 16/Aug/17I HAD THE PLEASURE OFF MEETING MICKEY ROURKE ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO VERY NICE MAN HE A SOLID 511 BECAUSE I STOOD AND TALKED WITH HIM AND IM A SOLID 511 MY SELF WEW WERE EXACTLY SAME HEIGHT AND IM FOR SURE 511 said on 13/Aug/17I believe Rourke wore lifts as he looks smaller in person. Some had George Foreman listed as 6'4" or 6'3" Muhammad Ali at 6'3" or 6'2"... There's a picture of him i think it's on Wikipedia with Bruce Springsteen (whom I believe is 5'9 or a bit under) and there's not much height difference. said on 11/Jun/17Steven, I agree about 5'9 Pitt but Mickey is 5'11 as measured in his boxing license and we all have seen him next to Mike Tyson or Letterman and this guy wears all type of shoes and very flat ones. cruise-Brad Pitt type that literally live on their customs or lifts said on 4/May/17Many Hollywood actors lie about their height,many use lifts as well...

Mickey was still as tall as 5'11" Bruce Willis 7 years back: Full pics: Click Here Video: Click Here But last year, as Shredder said he was only about an inch taller than 5'9.5" Norman Reedus: Click Here And the height difference with Stallone hasn't gotten bigger in the last 7 years judging by their recent meeting: Click Here Click Here I believe Sly has lost 1 cm since the 1st Expendables so I'd say Mickey has as well. I've stood next to Larry Holmes and he looks taller then 6'3" as I am 6'5" and he was eye to eye with me. A friend of mine met Pitt and Aniston when they were together and Pitt was not taller than 5'9" or 1,75 cm. In the movies they use angles and camera tricks to make actors appear bigger or taller,many actually admitted that.

American actor best known for roles in movies like Angel Heart, Sin City, The Wrestler, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Nine 1/2 Weeks, Barfly, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Iron Man 2 and The Immortals.

said on 14/Jun/19Rob, please take a look at these pics of Mickey next to celebrities from the past three years.

He looks max 5'10.5 next to Norman Reedus (whom you met), in these pics of them from 2016: ( Click Here ) ( Click Here ) The difference between him and Sylvester Stallone in these pictures from 2016 looks like it is max.

2 inches: ( Click Here ) ( Click Here ) ( Click Here ) Here he is next to Dolph Lundgren (whom you also met in person), in this pic from 2018: ( Click Here ) That looks like a solid 4-inch difference between them even taking into account the fact that Mickey has a slight footwear advantage over Dolph: ( Click Here ) ( Click Here ) Rob, will you give Mickey the current listing of 5'10.5?

So if Mickey has shrunk closer to 5'10.5" now, I'd guess it was mostly within the last 5 years and he certainly looked a full 5'11" with 5'10" Mike Tyson on video 20 years ago: Click Here said on 27/Jun/18I'd agree 100% with 179 cm for current height.

Based on age alone it's quite probable and a fairly conservative guess, but he is looking somewhat shorter these days as well and it'd be unlikely anyone would notice if he hadn't lost half an inch.

said on 19/Aug/17I've seen no evidence of Rourke wearing lifts, but the rest doesn't surprise me, either looking a solid 5'11" to Liam in person or a weak 5'11" on Letterman.Tom Hardy said his Bane body was mostly fat plus camera angles,he said it himself.

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