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Catholicism has a long history in Mexico dating back to the period of colonization ( Krause & Bastida, 2011 ).

The site for our study was East Los Angeles, California (East LA), an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County geographically located east of Downtown Los Angeles.Part of an individual’s social reality or life-world is his or her “lived experience,” which refers to specific topics of interest, such as caregiving ( Patton, 1990 ).This framework enabled us to examine Mexican-origin women’s lived experiences as caregivers, in terms of what constituted caregiving and how they fulfilled the role through caregiving behaviors.We applied a social constructionist framework in this study to examine how a sample of Mexican-origin women organized their behaviors and interpreted their caregiving experiences to create their social realities as caregivers.

Social constructionism is derived from sociological theory to understand the ways in which individuals and groups participate in creating their social life-worlds ( Schwandt, 2000 ).Theoretical perspectives have been offered to frame the cultural context of care in Latino families.