Men dating independent women what is a great dating headline

11-Oct-2019 00:02

” I was the first to say “Very much so,” but I quickly found myself in the minority.

Despite a few other guys agreeing with me, the overwhelming consensus was a resounding “No.” Interestingly, it was nearly entirely women who voiced this opinion for us males.

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Illustration by: Cindy Montenegro It started with a simple Facebook status (doesn’t it always? A friend of mine posed the question “Do men like independent women?

Check out men’s online search preferences and see for yourself. I met my wife in real life, she was three years older, and I proposed after 16 months to ensure we had a chance at two kids. The reason for this long-lead in today is two-fold:1.

Being your own person means being willing to stand up for yourself and have your own opinions.But because men are usually the conversation starters, the older-man-younger-woman paradigm prevails.”This is what I teach my clients.