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And everyone in town will know what kinda bitch she will be if she doesn’t have some pocket change. I guess since her ex left her for the affair person, she thought maybe if she was the affair b1tch she could finally keep someone…well, guess what Elizabeth Jones? She worked at a private Christian school, where she had an affair with a student’s married father, she broke up that marriage. He uses alias Ray Gomez, Dan Gomez, seven or David. She knows my husband is married and has a baby on the way and still wants him.

She knew he was married, knew secrets the wife didn’t but still proceeded to meet up with him alone and allow him to confide in her. Ladies if you are married or looking into being engaged watch you men around Houston, Galena Park, Jacinto City , Pasaenda , Deer Park, La Porte and even the baton rouge Louisianan area. I told my fuked up wife she could have you and even though I ain’t take her back she STILL DONT WANT YOU. She didn’t work there again the next year, Baptist schools frown on that sort of thing. I’ve been tracking him down with a private detective. She claims they are just friends but she sends him text after text, picture after picture trying to get his attention.

She always claims to be the victim when the reality is she is the guilty person that shows no remorse or accountability. Shanna Poteet will vandalize the local Twisted Root joint and write your name and number in the bathroom stalls and then put blame on someone else.

She will claim you to be the best friend she ever had, only to stab you in the back when the time is right for her to do so. She will start out as a friend but will soon do anything to gain more attention than you. Gabriela Avila goes around and acts like she is a victim of what circumstances but truth be told I was around when she was messing around with my cousin and my cousin friend!

She has given my fiance Trichomoniasis and recorded videos of her when she had been underaged (AT THE TIME) and post very disturbing videos on social media such as her “Twercking” and rolling her butt. Married, engaged, girlfriend is pregnant, she does not care. She’s down to f any guy, doesn’t matter if he looks like Quasimoto as long as she gets high, she’s down everytime.

She ask men for money through the Cashapp and goes by $amaraqueens. If she thinks they can further her career, no one is off limits. Her track record shows that she favors men in serious relationships.

She was upset that her supposedly special vagina was not enough.She is a gold digging raging b1tch who has no problem fuking a married man with a wife and children at home. But not before befriending me, having me be there for her through her wife cheating on her, meeting our kids and coming to our home. He had just lost his son in a car accident and she went after him relentlessly, knowing he was an easy target. He works in Donna and the pi has been watching him.. Anita and Ed spent 14 years cheating on there spouse with each other, the last week they were caught together she flew him to Dallas, TX and spend the weekend with him, she said it was a girls weekend and he husband paid for it.

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